Roose Local Ministry - Hubberston & Herbrandston

Values and Culture

As leaders in the Parish of Hubberston, we have been praying and seeking God about the values and culture that should lie at the heart of our churches.  Here are some priorities that we have been drawn to, all of them written about in describing a growing church in 1Thessalonians 1.

A Gospel Culture

Where the message of Jesus Christ – crucified, risen and ascended is preached and presented, and where we expect the gospel to come not just in words, but in the power of the Spirit, with people’s lives being transformed as they come to faith in Jesus, and with healings and other signs of God’s presence accompanying the preaching of the Word.

A Culture of Discipleship

Where each church member is enabled to grow to maturity in their faith through time spent with God in prayer and personal Bible reading, through involvement in groups nurturing spiritual growth, through openness to God’s Holy Spirit, and through living out their faith.  Our aim is to build a culture which enables people to become disciples who in turn help to grow new disciples themselves.

A Culture of Faith in our risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Where we expect (i) to see God doing great things among us as we gather for worship; (ii) people to be encouraged and resourced to hold on to their faith in the midst of trials and difficulties of all kinds; and (iii) church members to be also encouraged and equipped to step out in faith, and put their gifts and faith into action within the church and in the communities where we live.

A Culture of Love for God, as expressed in worship, prayer and obedience to God’s Word, in love for each other within the church, as we especially seek to support those who are going through hard times, in love for other churches and congregations in the area, and love for others within our communities as we seek to welcome all who are new to church, encourage existing church members, and share Christ’s love through words and practical action with people in the community round about.

A Culture of Hope

Rooted in our sure confidence in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and the promise of eternal life through him.  In a world where many people lack hope, we believe that faith in Jesus Christ offers hope for this life, as people trust their lives to God and seek His will and purpose for their future, and also an unshakeable hope and assurance that we can live in God’s presence forever, because of the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as we receive Him as our Saviour and Lord.

We want to welcome everyone who would like to join us in our churches, whatever stage of faith or life you are at, in the prayer that together we can discover more about what following Jesus Christ is all about.