Roose Local Ministry - Hubberston & Herbrandston

 About us

We are a group of three Anglican churches who love God, believe the bible and aim to follow Jesus’ teachings and proclaim him Lord in all things. We believe that as disciples of Jesus we need to follow His example and show the love of God to all those around: not simply through words, but through action too. 

What We Believe
Values and Culture of our Churches

Whether you are a regular church goer or have never been before we would love to welcome you to one of our services. You can find more information about what to expect HERE.

Each of our three churches have different traditions and styles of worship; St Mary’s is traditional and follows the prayer book for services, St David’s has a mix of prayer book and informal worship, while The Church of the Holy Spirit tends to be more informal throughout.

Please click on the links below for more information on each church.

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Who's Who: The Clergy

 Andy Bookless          

Rector: Rev. Andy Bookless

: 01646 696914
Andy has been Rector of Hubberston Parish for four years. He believes strongly in a Bible-based and Spirit-led approach to church life, and his particular interests include helping young people, families and the wider community connect with the church and with Jesus, and establishing the healing ministry of the Church. Andy is married to Helen and they have two sons.


 Bill Lewis

Hon Assistant Minister: Rev. Bill Lewis
: 01646 692280

Bill Lewis was Rector of this parish over 25 years ago, and after working in many other places has now returned to the parish with his wife to retire. Bill assists the other clergy by taking services, doing pastoral work and home communions.